Quarter Century Club New Members 2019

QCC 2019

Applied Sciences

  • Louise Creagh, Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • David Dixon, Materials Engineering
  • Steven Rogak, Mechanical Engineering


  • Paul Beaudry, Economics
  • Rose-Marie D├ęchaine, Linguistics
  • Michael Devereux, Economics
  • Anne Gorsuch, History
  • Paul Hewitt, Psychology
  • Nam-lin Hur, Asian Studies
  • Ross King, Asian Studies
  • Richard Kurth, School of Music
  • Gloria Onyeoziri-Miller, French, Hispanic and Italian Studies
  • David Tindall, Sociology


  • Jeffrey M. Coil, Oral Biological and Medical Sciences
  • Joy M. Richman, Oral Health Sciences
  • Clive R. Roberts, Oral Biological and Medical Sciences
  • Edwin H.K. Yen, Oral Health Sciences


  • Lesley Andres, Educational Studies
  • Deborah L. Butler, Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education
  • Karen Meyer, Curriculum and Pedagogy


  • Scott Hinch, Forest and Conservation Sciences

Land and Food Systems

  • Sandra Brown, Applied Biology


  • Ken Bassett, Family Practice
  • William Mark Elliott, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
  • Timothy Murphy, Psychiatry
  • Tim Oberlander, Paediatrics
  • Timothy O’Connor, Cellular and Physiological Sciences
  • Gary Redekop, Surgery
  • Wendy Robinson, Medical Genetics
  • Lakshmi Yatham, Psychiatry

Sauder School of Business

  • Glen Donaldson, Sauder School of Business


  • Vanessa Auld, Zoology
  • Kai Behrend, Mathematics
  • David Chen, Chemistry
  • Joel Friedman, Computer Science
  • Robert Harris, Zoology
  • Christopher Hearty, Physics and Astronomy

VP Academic & Provost

  • Erwin Wodarczak, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre


Total: 38