Ivan Avakumovic, Betty Horodezky, Reva Potashin

The BC Flag (Main Mall and Agronomy Road) will be lowered on Tuesday, September 24, in remembrance.

Avakumovic, Ivan – passed away on July 16, 2013. Professor Emeritus Avakumovic was a noted historian of twentieth-century political movements and a memorable teacher of modern international history.  He taught in the Department of Political Science from 1963 to 1969, and in the Department of History until his retirement in 1991.

Horodezky, Betty – passed away on July 5, 2013.  Dr. Hordezky was a professor of Language, specializing in Reading Education, in the Department of Education, from 1974 until her retirement in 1988.

Potashin, Reva – passed away on September 15, 2013.  Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Dr. Potashin was an academic pioneer in a time when few women achieved full tenure, teaching at UBC from 1952 until her retirement in 1986.