Armin Tepper


The BC Flag (Main Mall and Agronomy Road) will be lowered on Wednesday, December 11, in remembrance.

Tepper, Armin – passed away on November 18, 2013. A Senior Research Technician in the Department of Zoology at the South Campus, Armin was inducted into the 25 Year Club in 1981 and he retired in 1994.

Under Armin’s guidance, both the small- and large-animal facilities at South Campus flourished. He was caretaker to deer, mountain goats, big-horn sheep, grizzly bears, sea lions, seals, to say nothing of ducks, cormorants, and snowshoe hares.  He could always be counted on to take good care of any species with a smile. Armin was hard-working, loyal and a true gentleman.  There will be no service by request.