Ceremonies and Events COVID-19 Resources


For more information on UBC’s response to coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit:


Guidance on UBC ceremonies, events and gatherings during COVID-19:

All organized gatherings and events at UBC must adhere to UBC Campus Rules and meet the requirements of the relevant Provincial Health Orders (PHO) that are current at the time of the event. Please note:

  • Planners are encouraged to invite their guests and attendees to review and adhere to UBC Campus Rules.

For indoor events:

  • UBC’s campus rule requiring face coverings be worn in indoor public spaces has been lifted as of July 1, 2022. UBC event organizers and attendees may choose to continue to wear face coverings, at their personal discretion.
  • Provincial proof of vaccination requirement for events, services or businesses have been lifted as of April 8, 2022. Individual businesses, event organizers or certain non-essential or discretionary activities on UBC Premises may require participants over 12 years of age to provide proof of vaccination. All persons required by UBC representatives to provide proof of vaccination must do so if they wish to participate in such activities. It’s important that we respect the choices of people, businesses and one another. For more information, please visit the provincial proof of vaccination page.
  • Other restrictions still in effect can be found on the Province-Wide Restrictions

For outdoor events:

If you have an event (indoor or outdoor) planned with an in-person component, and if you have any questions or are unsure of associated processes, please contact safety.risk@ubc.ca (Vancouver) or ready.ok@ubc.ca (Okanagan).

Please refer to the UBC Campus Rules and Guidance Documents for further information and resources for events on campus.