Lowering of the Flag

About the Lowering of the Flag

The University of British Columbia has four main flags in two locations on campus:

  1. Canada flag on Flag Pole Plaza at the intersection of Main Mall and Crescent Road
  2. BC, Musqueam and UBC flags temporarily relocated to the East Mall Entrance and Plaza at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

The Ceremonies Office arranges for the lowering of the BC, Musqueam and UBC flags at the passing of a member of the campus community. When this occurs, the information is sent via email to over 50 individuals on campus for distribution campus-wide, and it is also posted on this web page. The UBC flag is replaced occasionally by other flags being flown for special occasions; such as the Rainbow flag being flown during UBC Pride Week, the United Way flag being flown during the UBC United Way campaign, etc.

Current Flag Notifications

The transgender flag will be flown in place of the UBC flag November 13-20 in observance of Transgender Awareness Week from November 13–19 and Transgender Day of Remembrance on November 20. Additionally, the flags will be lowered on Monday, November 20, including the Canada flag (at Flag Pole Plaza) and the BC, Musqueam, and transgender flags (temporarily relocated to the East Mall Entrance and Plaza at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre) on the Vancouver campus, and the Canada, BC, Okanagan Nation Alliance and transgender flags on the Okanagan campus.

Transgender Awareness Week is an opportunity to intentionally raise visibility and understanding of transgender people and the issues faced by the community. Trans Day of Remembrance honours those lost to anti-trans violence and provides an opportunity to build awareness of the continued violence facing trans communities and the ongoing need to further advance safety and inclusion of trans folk. For more information on the transgender flag and other Pride flags, please visit https://equity.ubc.ca/pride-flags/.

Visit https://events.ubc.ca/tdor for more information, upcoming events and relevant resources. For additional details, please email info@equity.ubc.ca.