25 Year Club Parking Permit Guidelines

Members of the 25 Year Club who have retired and are no longer working at UBC are eligible for free parking at UBC. This is a special arrangement through UBC Parking and Access Control Services, so that a retired club member can visit the campus to keep in touch with their former colleagues and can continue to access campus services (library, aquatic centre, etc.).

Eligibility Guidelines

Eligible – Members must be retired, i.e. being paid through the Pension Office (Regular Pension, Special Early Retirement or bridging) and not through Payroll

Ineligible – Members who are still being paid by the University payroll in some method, i.e. Salary Continuance, Early Retirement Incentive, Buy Out, Contract Work


If a member wishes to receive a free parking permit, they should do the following:

1. Fill in this form which will be forwarded to the 25 Year Club President.

2. The President checks the club list to confirm that the individual is a member.

3. The President then checks the retirement information with Human Resources. If all is correct, the President will email the member verifying that they are eligible.

4. The member then brings the email (printed copy) to the Parking Desk in the UBC Bookstore, and fills out the permit application form. Please bring your drivers license and know the plate of any vehicle you will be parking on campus.


Change of Status

As the parking permit is meant to be a benefit to retired members, should a member’s status change (i.e., they return to work on contract after formally being retired), it is kindly requested that they do not use or renew their 25 Year Club free parking permit.

Abuse of this honour system could result in cancellation of this benefit for all retired members so the co-operation of members is much appreciated.



For up-to-date information on the parkades included in the free parking access for 25 Year Club members who have retired, please contact UBC Parking and Access Control. As of 2018, here are the lots that are included:

  • North Parkade
  • Rose Garden Parkade
  • Health Sciences Parkade
  • West Parkade
  • Fraser River Parkade
  • Thunderbird Parkade