Quarter Century Club New Members 2011

Applied Science

  • Yusuf Altintas, Mechanical Engineering
  • Peter Barr, Materials Engineering
  • Patrick F. Mooney, Architecture and Landscape Architecture
  • Anoshiravan Poursartip, Materials Engineering
  • Douglas Romilly, Mechanical Engineering


  • Gillian Creese, Sociology/Women’s Studies and Gender Relations
  • Eric Eich, Psychology
  • Daniel Joseph Hiebert, Geography
  • Charlotte Johnston, Psychology
  • Diane Mauzy, Political Science
  • Richard Menkis, History/Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies
  • Geraldine Pratt, Geography
  • Rena Sharon, Music
  • Bryan Wade, Creative Writing Program
  • Janet Werker, Psychology


  • David Sweet, Oral Biological and Medical Science


  • Jackie Agostinis, N.I.T.E.P.
  • Kit Grauer, Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • Fumio Ishu Ishiyama, Educational and Counseling Psychology and Special Education
  • David J. Sanderson, Human Kinetics


  • Jan Marshall Friedman, Medical Genetics
  • Yin Nam Kenny Kwok, Cellular and Physiological Sciences
  • Dixie Mager, Medical Genetics
  • John R. O’Kusky, Pathology
  • Jeremy Road, Respiratory Medicine Division
  • John William Schrader, Medicine Department

Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • James McCormack


  • Gordon Walter Semenoff, Physics and Astronomy

Total: 28