Quarter Century Club New Members 2013

Applied Sciences

  • David B. Dreisinger, Materials Engineering
  • Gregory A. Lawrence, Civil Engineering


  • Dawn Heather Currie, Sociology
  • Anita De Longis, Psychology
  • David William C. Edgington, Geography
  • Paul Lewin Krause, History


  • Mary Bryson, Language & Literacy Education


  • Christopher Chanway, Forest Sciences
  • Robert D. Guy, Forest Sciences
  • John N. R. Ruddick, Department of Wood Science


  • Bruce Wayne MacDougall


  • Leonora L. Crema, Borrower Services
  • Terence M. Horner, Music
  • Kathleen M. McGrath, Technical Services


  • Max, Cynader, Ophthalmology
  • Martha Donnelly, Psychiatry
  • Katerina Dorovini-Zis, Pathology
  • Robert M. Douglas, Ophthalmology
  • Julio Sergio Gonzalez-Montaner, Infectious Diseases Division
  • Arminee Kazanjian, School of Population & Public Health
  • Steven J. Kehl, Cellular & Physiological Sciences
  • Clifford Neil Kitson, Dermatology & Skin Science
  • Raymond Lam, Psychiatry
  • Joanne Aiko Matsubara, Ophthalmology
  • Mark Meloche, Surgery
  • Graydon S. Meneilly, Medicine Department
  • Steven Daniel Pelech, Neurology Division
  • P. Terence Phang, Surgery
  • Wendy Darlene Reid, Physical Therapy
  • Elke H. Roland, Paediatrics
  • Christopher Shaw, Ophthalmology
  • Nicholas Vaughan Swindale, Ophthalmology
  • Keith Robert Walley, Medicine Department
  • Pearce George Wilcox, Respiratory Medicine Division

Sauder School of Business

  • Nancy Langton
  • Ellen Jane McIntosh


  • Philip H. Austin, Earth and Ocean Sciences
  • Carl J. Douglas, Botany
  • David Lowe, Computer Science
  • Christopher E. R. Orvig, Chemistry
  • David Poole, Computer Science

Total: 41