Tempus Fugit Members 2003

Quarter Century Club members who reach 35 years of service are known collectively as Tempus Fugit – or “time flies” – an added level of recognition within the club. 2003 Tempus Fugit members are listed below:

Applied Science

  • Richard Spencer, Civil Engineering
  • Michael S. Davies, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Robert W. Donaldson, Electrical & Computer Engineering


  • Anthony A. Barrett, Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies
  • Phillip E. Harding, Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies
  • Andrew S. Busza, English
  • Herbert J. Rosengarten, English
  • Jonathan L. Wisenthal, English
  • H. Olav Slaymaker, Geography
  • Allan C.L. Smith, History
  • Paul R. Tennant, Political Science
  • Michael D. Wallace, Political Science
  • Richard C. Tees, Psychology
  • Fred P. Valle, Psychology
  • John C. Yuille, Psychology
  • Errol Durbach, Theatre, Film & Creative Writing


  • Nestor N. Korchinsky, Human Kinetics


  • David Haley, Forest Resources Managment
  • Bart J. Van Der Kamp, Forest Sciences

Graduate Studies

  • Leslie M. Lavkulich, Graduate Studies


  • Peter T. Burns, Faculty of Law


  • Diana E.M. Cooper, Library
  • Dorothy R. Martin, Library
  • Nicholas Omelusik, Library
  • Frances M. Woodward, Library


  • Charles E. Slonecker, Anatomy
  • John H.V. Gilbert, Audiology & Speech Sciences
  • James B. Hudson, Pathology

Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Gail D. Bellward, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Sauder School of Business

  • Michael A. Goldberg, Sauder School of Business
  • Stanley W. Hamilton, Sauder School of Business
  • William T. Ziemba, Sauder School of Business


  • Iain E.P. Taylor, Botany
  • Michael C.L. Gerry, Chemistry
  • F. Geoffrey Herring, Chemistry
  • Keith A.R. Mitchell, Chemistry
  • Edward Piers, Chemistry
  • John R. Scheffer, Chemistry
  • Alan Storr, Chemistry
  • Richard S. Rosenberg, Computer Science
  • Garry K.C. Clarke, Earth & Ocean Sciences
  • Frank J.R. Taylor, Earth & Ocean Sciences
  • George W. Bluman, Mathematics
  • John J.F. Fournier, Mathematics
  • John L. MacDonald, Mathematics
  • Denis K. Sjerve, Mathematics
  • John E. Eldridge, Physics & Astronomy
  • Richard R. Johnson, Physics & Astronomy
  • James V. Zidek, Statistics
  • David J. Randall, Zoology

Total: 50