Tempus Fugit Members 2006

Quarter Century Club members who reach 35 years of service are known collectively as Tempus Fugit – or “time flies” – an added level of recognition within the club. 2006 Tempus Fugit members are listed below:


  • Graham Good, English
  • Eric P. Levy, English
  • Paul J. Marantz, Political Science
  • Philip Resnick, Political Science


  • David Donaldson, Oral Biological & Medical Sciences


  • Daniel D. Pratt, Educational Studies


  • David V. Godin, Pharmacology Therapeutics
  • Peter D. McLean, Psychiatry


  • David W. Boyd, Mathematics
  • William A. Casselman, Mathematics
  • Melvin Comisarow, Chemistry
  • Gregory G. Fahlman, Physics & Astronomy
  • Anthony J. Griffiths, Botany
  • Charles W. Lamb, Mathematics
  • Robert R. Parsons, Physics & Astronomy

Total: 15