Tempus Fugit Members 2009

Tempus Fugit Members 2009

Quarter Century Club members who reach 35 years of service are known as Tempus Fugit – or “time flies” – an added level of recognition within the club. 2009 Tempus Fugit members are listed below:

Applied Science

  • Peter D Lawrence, Electrical & Computer Engineering


  • Kenneth E Bryant, Asian Studies
  • R. Kenneth Carty, Political Science
  • Mary Russell, School of Social Work and Family Studies


  • Ravindra M Shah, Oral Biological & Medical Sciences

Land and Food Systems

  • Richard Barichello


  • Joseph Weiler


  • Donald Brooks, Pathology

Sauder School of Business

  • Izak Benbasat
  • Daniel F. Gardiner
  • Maurice David Levi
  • Donald A Wehrung


  • Alan K Mackworth, Computer Science

Total: 13