Tempus Fugit New Members 2012

Applied Science

  • Raymond Cole, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
  • Michael Isaacson, Civil Engineering


  • Sherrill Grace, English
  • Richard Johnston, Political Science
  • Peter Petro, Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies


  • William Borgen, Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education
  • Richard A Young, Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education


  • Lee Ann Bryant, Library
  • Barbara Jean Saint, Library/Life Sciences


  • William Bowie, Infectious Diseases Division
  • Andrew Chalmers, Rheumatology Division
  • Jiri Frohlich, Pathology
  • Alexander Magil, Pathology
  • David McLean, Dermatology Division
  • George Sandor, Pediatrics
  • David Scheifele, Pediatrics
  • James Wright, Pharmacology Therapeutics

Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • David Fielding

Sauder School of Business

  • Derek Atkins
  • Daniel Granot
  • Frieda Granot


  • Raymond Andersen, Earth & Ocean Sciences
  • Uri Michael Ascher, Computer Science
  • Gordon Bates, Chemistry
  • Joel Feldman, Mathematics
  • Thomas Grigliatti, Zoology
  • Douglas Oldenburg, Earth & Ocean Sciences

Total: 27