Welcome Back Staff BBQ – Community Partners

2018 Community Partners (updated September 2018)


Who can participate in the Community Partner Tables?

Campus providers can participate in the community tables, space permitting. Due to the limited amount of outdoor space available (in relation to the food service and seating area), there is enough space for a maximum of 20 tables.

The event organizers, are committed to providing staff with a fulfilling experience at the BBQ. The community partner tables are an integral part of providing value at the event and engaging staff. To ensure the community tables are a worthwhile part of the BBQ experience, we are looking for exhibitors who offer the following:

  • Programs, services, and opportunities available and relevant to UBC staff broadly, regardless of their role at the university (required). In addition to staff programs, this includes culture, recreation, and opportunities that support staff wellbeing at UBC.
  • Opportunities for attendees to interact and engage with table staff, make connections, and learn something new. In other words, booths should be welcoming, interesting, and fun.
  • Sustainability – i.e. providing an “onsite experience” and giveaways that people will use.

How do I request a Community Partner Table?

To request an community table, you will need to be a campus provider of services. Contact Ceremonies & Events at ceremonies.rsvp@ubc.ca to inquire if there are any available booth spaces for the Fall event.