Welcome Back Staff BBQ – FAQs

About the Event

Who can attend this event?

This event is open to UBC employees with “staff” appointments only. This does not include faculty appointments, post-doctoral, student appointments, work-study and co-op positions. Please contact your HR Advisor or Associate if clarification is required.

Who organizes this event?

This event is held annually and is hosted by the President’s Office and Human Resources. The event is produced by Ceremonies & Events and is made possible with the support of our campus partners, UBC Food Services, Building Operations, Campus + Community Planning, Security Services, Parking & Access Control and Campus Mail

Is this event held at the Okanagan campus?

Yes, we also host a Welcome Back BBQ event for staff at our Okanagan campus in the early Fall.

Who can participate in the Community Partner Tables?

Campus providers can participate in the Community Partner tables, space permitting. Due to the limited amount of outdoor space available (in relation to the food service and seating area), there is enough space for a maximum of 20 tables.

The event organizers, are committed to providing staff with a fulfilling experience at the BBQ. The Community Partner tables are an integral part of providing value at the event and engaging staff. To ensure the Community Partner tables are a worthwhile part of the BBQ experience, we are looking for exhibitors who offer the following:

  • Programs, Services, and Opportunities: Available and relevant to UBC staff broadly, regardless of their role at the university. This includes culture, recreation, and opportunities that support staff wellbeing at UBC.
  • Interactive: Opportunities for attendees to interact and engage with table staff, make connections, and learn something new. In other words, table displays should be welcoming, interesting, and fun.
  • Sustainable:  We encourage the Community Partners to think sustainably and opt for paperless approaches (if possible). i.e. consider engaging with staff and providing an onsite experience, rather than handouts or giveaways. If you wish to include giveaways, please have them be useful or practical.

How do I request a Community Partner Table?

The demand for tables is always strong and departments are asked to share tables wherever possible. Preference will be given to exhibitors who meet the above criteria. IF you would like to request a Community Partner table contact Ceremonies & Events at ceremonies.rsvp@ubc.ca to inquire if there are any available spaces for the Fall event.

For Department Contacts

How do I promote this event to my department?

Download an event poster, print it and post it in your building, around your staff lounge areas, and bring it with you to staff meetings. Mention the different information booths that will be available and encourage staff to bring their questions to on site representatives. If you have a large department, consider staggering the lunch hours so that everyone has an opportunity to join in the fun at the event.

I don’t see my department on the pull-down menu. What department do I select?

Smaller departments are often grouped together to limit the number of overall department contacts. If you don’t see your department, look for the next department that you would roll up to, and email or call the department contact there to RSVP. Your department RSVPs will then be included with the larger department.

I’m unsure whether an employee in my department is eligible to attend the BBQ. Who can I contact?

The BBQ is open to full-time and part-time UBC employees with “staff” appointments only (not faculty or student appointments). Please note we are not collecting employee ID numbers but will ask for clarification if there are questions on employment eligibility. If you have questions about the eligibility of employees in your department, please contact your HR Advisor or Associate.

How do I register my department RSVPs?

Department contacts should refer to the important registration instructions provided to you via email. If you are unable to locate this email, contact Ceremonies & Events by email at ceremonies.rsvp@ubc.ca

What is the deadline for department RSVPs?

We appreciate your co-operation in having the RSVPs collected and submitted via the “Submit Departmental RSVP” form by Thursday, August 24, 2023.

When should I expect the lunch wristbands for my department?

You can expect to receive the Staff BBQ wristbands via campus mail between August 28 and September 8 from Ceremonies & Events.

I already submitted my RSVP spreadsheet, but now need to add a few more staff. How do I amend my original spreadsheet?

After you have submitted your RSVPs online, you can update your RSVPs by resubmitting an updated list before August 24, 2023. If you continue to receive RSVPs after that date, please have your staff bring their UBCcard to the Registration Table on the day of the event to receive their ticket.

For Staff Attendees

What’s on the menu?

There will be burgers, salad and other selections.

Are gluten-free or vegan options available?

Yes, the beef patty is Halal and the plant-based patties are gluten-free. Gluten-free buns will be available for those who request them. The salads are also gluten-free.

How do I indicate my vegetarian/vegan option?

Notify your department contact when they collect your department’s RSVPs.

I missed the department’s RSVP deadline. May I still attend the event?

If you missed registering for the BBQ and would like to attend, please bring your UBCcard with you to the Registration Table on the day of the event. A limited number of wristbands will be available for late registrants who meet the eligibility criteria and have valid UBC ID.